Dr. Ryan Reeves, Dr. Brad Durham, and Dr. Rod Strickland, cosmetic dentsits in Savannah

Dr. Ryan Reeves, Dr. Brad Durham, and Dr. Rod Strickland

Durham Team

Dr. Brad Durham, DMD

Dr. Durham has devoted more than 20 years to developing a practice which combines art, science, and technology with personalized care.

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Jessica Hampton

Treatment Coordinator to Dr. Durham

Strickland Team

Dr. Rod Strickland, DDS

In 2007 after 14 years of practice in Indiana, Dr. Strickland joined Dr. Durham in furthering their vision of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

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Jeanine Musgrove

Treatment Coordinator to Dr. Strickland

Reeves Team

Dr. Ryan Reeves, DDS

With his expertise in smile rejuvenation, aesthetic veneers, and migraine relief, Dr. Reeves is a welcome addition to our practice.

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Candice Gaeth

Treatment Coordinator to Dr. Reeves

Practice Wide Team

Erika McCreadie

Dental Hygienist

Jenni Moseley

New Patient Coordinator

Kristin McCann

Front Office Coordinator

Angie Gross

Office Manager

Danielle Bell

Marketing Coordinator

Janie Cantrell

Lab Coordinator