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How Does the Level of Mercury in Tuna Compare to Metal Amalgam Fillings?

Tuna used to be one of America’s favorite foods, but it’s fallen into disfavor. Tuna sales have dropped significantly in recent years. There are many reasons why the sales have dropped, but one reason is concern about mercury levels in tuna. But if you’re concerned about the level of mercury in tuna, should you also […]

If a Metal Filling Cracks a Tooth, Should You Replace All Your Metal Fillings?

If you have metal fillings, sometimes you will have the bad experience that a tooth with a large metal filling will crack. When this happens, you need to repair or replace that tooth.

But what about your other metal fillings? Should you take this opportunity to replace them, too as […]

The Complete Guide to Replacing Metal Fillings

Do you have metal fillings? If so, now is the time to get them replaced. Have any doubts? Let us help you understand why you should upgrade old metal amalgam fillings with new ceramic restorations.

The Complete Guide to Replacing Metal Fillings

Unattractive Appearance

One of […]

Partial Ban of Metal Amalgam Fillings Approved in EU

If you needed any more evidence that people understand the hazards of metal amalgam fillings, the European Parliament provided it. In mid-March the EU approved a partial ban on the use of metal amalgam fillings.

Their recent action follows on the heels of a December 2016 agreement in principle to follow the Minamata Convention […]

7 Wonders of Cosmetic Dentistry

We live in a truly marvelous age, although sometimes it’s easy to forget. We take for granted so many of the amazing technologies and techniques that transform our lives for the better, like cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is better than it has ever been, and modern cosmetic dentistry allows us to do things that we […]

The FDA Proposed a Partial Ban on Mercury Fillings, but Was Denied

FDA Metal Filling Denied

There is a great deal of uncertainty about the magnitude of health risks posed by mercury amalgam fillings, also called “silver fillings.” Although the world is trying to get an international agreement to phase them out along with other forms of mercury–a treaty the […]

Your Tooth Hurts, But Your Dentist Won’t Help You

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints that brings people to the dentist. Unfortunately, the response of most dentists to this problem is very limited and often ineffective. They will look at your tooth for decay, chips, or cracks. But if they don’t find these things, they may simply say that there’s nothing […]

Going to the Dentist Shouldn’t Feel Like Going Back in Time

A recent editorial in the Washington Post and the Guardian focuses on how going to the dentist feels like a trip back in time for many people. The article points its finger at dentists who are still using antiquated techniques to treat dental disease, but not all dentists will give you that impression.

When you […]

3 Ways that Metal Amalgam Fillings Can Increase Your Tooth Sensitivity

There are many reasons to replace your metal amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings. They’re unattractive. They’re toxic. And they can make your teeth sensitive.

Confident happy positive energetic lively older middle age woman, bright natural smile with red hair

Metal Amalgam Fillings Conduct Heat

Metal amalgam filling conduct heat better […]

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