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What Are the Alternatives to Invasive TMJ Surgery?

TMJ disorder causes a host of trying symptoms, including difficulty chewing, clicking or locking of the jaw and significant pain. While numerous Americans suffer from ’temporomandibular, reports suggest that just about 7 percent attempt to get help. Often, this is because they fear the prospect of surgery, which doesn’t always prove […]

By |September 19th, 2019|TMJ|

New Study Links TMJ Muscle Pain with Migraine Frequency and Intensity

We know that are linked with . But TMJ is not a singular condition. It’s actually an umbrella term that describes several closely linked conditions that share symptoms but are quite different. So are all TMJs linked to […]

Recognize TMJ Warning Signs to Avoid Tooth and Jaw Damage

’Temporomandibular may seem innocuous enough at first, but they’re progressive. If they’re left untreated, they can be progressive, leading to serious damage to your teeth and jaw. When this happens, they are much harder and much more expensive to treat. And treatment success is much lower.

So […]

By |January 11th, 2018|TMJ|