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Teeth Whitening

Plan Now to Avoid Wedding Delays for Smile Improvements

These days, it’s become more important than ever for brides to have a beautiful, healthy smile. It makes sense. White is traditional for brides, and it’s the most unforgiving color for our smiles. Even a mildly stained smile, or one with gaps, worn teeth, or small teeth can look significantly off by contrast. And with […]

When Veneers Are the Best Way to Whiten

One of the most common complaints people have about the appearance of their smile is that their teeth are discolored. Normally, teeth whitening is chosen to address this problem. However, teeth whitening is not the only way to brighten your teeth.

In fact, there are some situations where [link id='574' […]

Your Guide to Whitening Technologies

One of people’s biggest concerns these days is how to get a bright smile. If you start looking at your options for teeth whitening, though, you soon realize that there are many, many ways people say you can whiten your teeth–but which ones work?

Here’s a brief guide to different teeth whitening approaches–which ones […]

5 Ways Your Smile Might Be Aging You

Have you noticed that people are treating you older than they used to? Are people offering you senior discounts or guessing an age much higher than they used to? If that’s the case, it may be that your smile is the problem.

If you’re feeling pressure about aging, there are many ways that your […]

Causes of Discolored Teeth That Don’t Respond to Whitening

Teeth whitening is very popular, and it can be effective against many causes of tooth discoloration. But not all types of discoloration respond to teeth whitening. Here are some of the more common ones.

Discoloration Due to Fillings and Other Restorations

Metal amalgam fillings are made of metals that can oxidize. The filling itself will […]

New Smile Is a Great Graduation Gift

Whether your kid is graduating from college or high school, a cosmetic dentistry smile makeover is a great graduation gift. A smile makeover isn't just a cosmetic procedure–it often comes with significant health benefits. It can help your child to gain confidence as they go forward in life. It can even help your […]

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