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Nonsurgical Facelift

Florida Law Attempts to Correct Deadly Conditions at Plastic Surgery Clinics

We’ve read the stories of people getting injections and even surgery from people pretending to be doctors and operating out of unlabeled shopfronts and homes. The sometimes deadly complications seem natural given the circumstances. 

However, it seemed like people should be safe going to established clinics with doctors on staff. These professional practices promised good care, […]

Weight Loss Can Affect Facelift Surgery Results

If you are considering losing weight and getting a facelift, plastic surgeons will tell you that it’s important to lose weight first because weight loss can impact your facelift results.

This advice exposes one of the limits of the facelift: it’s trying to respond to current, potentially transient configurations in your face, instead of […]

Weight Loss Might Reveal Face Changes Caused by Teeth

As the New Year rolls around again, many people are committing to losing weight again. Most of the time this fails. In fact, you may have a few failed resolutions under your belt in the past. But what happens if you stick to your resolutions and actually lose that weight?

Most of the changes will be […]

Why You Can Get a Facelift Effect with FOY ® Dentures

These days, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are considered very different disciplines. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the original name of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was the American Association of Oral Surgeons. And when they formed in 1921, they required their members to have both medical and dental degrees. […]

Nonsurgical Facelift Could Help You Look Much Younger

One of the biggest concerns people have about procedures that help combat aging is: how much younger can I really look?

This is a terribly difficult question to get an answer to, and the honest answer is that we can’t really put a number on it. And, in truth, the

Thread Facelift Hurt Like Hell, Confesses Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell earned his fame as the no-nonsense hardline judge on American Idol. He made a reputation out of being rude to aspiring stars, making several of them break down in tears. With all the emotional pain he’s inflicted over the years, perhaps it’s only karma that he should have to take a bit of […]

Nonsurgical Facelift Recovery Is Much Faster and Easier

There are many reasons why a is superior to facelift surgery. But perhaps the most striking difference becomes clear when you look at the recovery period. The recovery period for a surgical facelift is long, restrictive, and painful. It also takes a long time for your final results […]

Women Detained at Airport When Faces Don’t Match Passports after Facelift

It’s a concern many people have about getting facelift surgery: will they even look like themselves after the procedure?

This fear became painfully real for three Chinese women. The women had flown to South Korea for facelifts, but were unable to leave the country after the procedure because they no longer looked like their passport photos. […]