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Gum Rejuvenation

Does Your Smile Need a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it puts a lot of demands on your body, including your mouth. Unfortunately, as a result your smile may end up looking a little worse for wear after your baby is born. Fortunately, damage done to your smile can be corrected with a smile makeover. Receding Gums [...]

Your Tooth Hurts, But Your Dentist Won’t Help You

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints that brings people to the dentist. Unfortunately, the response of most dentists to this problem is very limited and often ineffective. They will look at your tooth for decay, chips, or cracks. But if they don’t find these things, they may simply say that there’s nothing [...]

We Can Help with Common Complaints about Cosmetic Dentistry

Not all cosmetic dentists are equally capable of providing you with the great results you want from your smile makeover. It's unfortunate, but many times we see patients in our practice who have been to another dentist for cosmetic treatment and ended up with poor results. Here are some of the common complaints we get [...]

Black Triangles Can Make Your Smile Unattractive

There are many ways that receding gums can make your smile look unattractive. Receding gums can reveal cementum. Cementum is like enamel, but it's only supposed to cover the root of your tooth. It's not as attractive as enamel--it has a dark color and a rough texture. Receding gums can also make your teeth look [...]

Timing Gum Rejuvenation in a Smile Makeover

Smile makeovers are complex cosmetic dentistry procedures that involve the coordination of numerous different procedures to counter multiple complaints you may have about your smile in order to get you the beautiful smile you desire. But if you have receding gums that you want to correct, when will that be timed? Chicken and [...]