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Dental Care

Dentistry – An Investment for Retirement

If you need or want comprehensive dental care, you have to balance the cost of it against other potential places to put the money. One of the other places you might be putting your money, such as saving for retirement. However, the truth is that investing in quality dental care is actually a Why Dental Care Is a Great Investment

Benefits of Future-Focused Dentistry

Most dentists practice what might be called “reactive dentistry.” They wait for problems in your oral health--such as a cavity, a cracked tooth, or discoloration--and then they react to it with a treatment. But at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we do things differently. We believe in proactive dentistry, dentistry that’s preventive and helps to avoid problems [...]

Who Benefits from Cheap Dentistry

We’ve all been victims of a propaganda campaign. This propaganda campaign has been carefully orchestrated to convince us that we want cheap, quick dentistry. We want dentistry that we can slap down a little cash for and get done right away.  But is this really what we want? Is cheap dentistry better for us? And, [...]

Your Teeth Need a Spa, Too

Did you know that enamel, the bright, shiny white layer on the outside of your teeth, wasn’t found in the mouth at first? Recent discoveries show that tooth enamel evolved first on scales covering the face of certain fish, then progressed into the mouth to provide their strength to help with chewing. Why does it [...]