So what’s all this talk about the bite mean. There’s more to your bite than just how the teeth fit together. It is also where the position of your lower jaw is when the biting happens. Think about someone who may have perfectly straight teeth, but in order to get them to bite together the person has to shift her jaw over to the right. This is also a bad bite… straight teeth, but bad jaw position.
The problem with a bad bite is when the jaw is not allowed to “live” in its natural un-strained position. If the teeth are aligned in a way that the jaw has to shift, then this causes an imbalance in the jaw joint and jaw muscles.
This imbalance leads to joint and muscle strain. The strain can then lead to many problems such as clenching, grinding, jaw pain, headaches, ear problems, back problems and neck problems. All these things and even more can be traced back to a bad bite. These problems can lead to what has been called TMJ.
The way to fix it is to first identify or diagnose the problem. We do a computerized bite analysis. This gives us the information about the misalignment of the bite. A bite splint, or orthotic, is then made. You can wear this orthotic 24 hours a day to determine if your symptoms can be traced to your bite. After wearing the orthotic a more permanent course treatment can be discussed. In our practice, surgery is almost NEVER needed in treating TMJ problems.