Do you have small teeth that just look out of place in your smile? Do these teeth make you feel self-conscious? If so, then we can help. Correcting peg laterals and other small teeth can make a big difference in the appearance in your smile and in your self-confidence.

Causes of Small Teeth

There are two primary causes of small teeth. The tooth may be a deciduous tooth (“baby tooth”) that wasn’t lost, or it may be an underdeveloped tooth. Both conditions are genetic, so if your parents had them, it’s likely you will too. In fact, peg laterals are dominant, so if either of your parents had them, you can have them.

Peg laterals are a common form of underdeveloped tooth. It refers to the lateral incisor, which is just to the side of your central incisors. In other words, it’s in a very obvious position where everyone who sees your smile will notice it. People with peg laterals often feel very uncomfortable about them.

Peg Lateral Treatment Options

There are basically two options for correcting peg laterals: dental bonding and porcelain veneers. Dental bonding is relatively quick and inexpensive, but it has its problems. Color match with your other teeth is less likely to be perfect, and the luster of the composite material won’t be the same as your natural teeth. Dental bonding can lose its shine, becoming dull, and it is more likely to get stained.

Porcelain veneers are more expensive and take longer to complete, but they avoid the problems of dental bonding and can last much longer: ten years or more, compared to two or three years for dental bonding.

Are Orthodontics Necessary?

People with peg laterals and retained baby teeth often do better to get them treated at about the same time as orthodontic treatment. This is because orthodontic treatment can be used to properly space out your teeth and create the area necessary to fit in the new larger tooth.

If your teeth are crowded around the peg lateral, it may be necessary to have orthodontics to create the appropriate space.

We can help with peg laterals, other small teeth, or whatever makes you self conscious about your smile. To learn more about your options, please call the Durham Office in Savannah at (912) 234-8282, offering Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.