As many of you know, we are the dentists for celebrity chef and Food Network TV host Paula Deen. We have done smile makeovers on Paula and her husband Michael. They both LOVE the results, and were gracious enough to feature us in a story in her magazine. Below is a copy of the article featured.

Paula Deen Magazine Snip

A dazzling smile

Visiting the dentist can improve your health, your looks, and your attitude. By Scott St. James.

How far would you go to alleviate your dental concerns, get a nonsurgical face-lift,or just improve your smile? Hopefully, as far as it takes because you’re worth the very best. And the healthier your teeth are, the healthier you are.

Paula Deen found a very special dental practice right there in Savannah, Georgia. It all started when she noticed the beautiful, natural smile of her hairdresser. Jamie. He had had some dental work done by Dr. Brad Durham, and the doctor said he thought he could also help Paula. Although apprehensive (who likes the dentist?), Paula knew that Dr. Durham and Dr. Strickland had something special to offer. “When I arrived at their office, I was greeted with cold drinks, warm cookies, and gourmet coffee.” And she says, “When I got into this big, comfortable dental chair, they covered me with a warm blanket and asked what channel I wanted to watch on the TV hanging above my chair.” Paula told us the doctors and staff were not just professional, they were “teeth artists.”

Paula says her friends and family were the first to notice the difference in her smile. Before going to see Dr. Brad, Paula says, her fans saw photo-shopped images of her smile (a retouching practice magazines use to make stars look their best), but now the smile they see is her own.

Amazingly, says Paula, the area around her mouth and chin looked better, too. Dr. Brad corrected her bite alignment resulting in a non-surgical face-lift. “Brad made me feel so much better about myself, and Dr. Rod gave my husband, Michael, beautiful teeth also … they really changed our lives,” says Paula. “There are other exceptional dentists out there, I’m sure, but we think what Brad and Rod did is beyond exceptional dentistry.” She loved the experience so much, she invited her dentists to be guests on her Paula’s Party show in June.

Like Paula, you may have needed or wanted to get a dental procedure done for a long time, but your schedule is crazy. Paula’s dentists have an answer for hectic schedules. Out-of-town patients can stay free in a beautiful, charming townhouse just down the block from their office in downtown Savannah. The practice has this home specifically for their clients. Using the latest technology, it generally takes two office visits for the Durham team to give you a new smile. And there’s a bonus: you’re able to take a vacation in one of the most beautiful, charming cities in the South.

For more information, call (912) 234-8282, or checkout their Web site at

Update: Dr. Durham’s Letter to the Editor (7/21/2014)

Dear Editor:

Regarding your recent front page article, “An Interview With Paula Deen”, I was not surprised to see that she is “running ‘100 miles an hour’ again”. Exactly one year ago you published my letter that stated, “I believe she will be fine when the dust settles. That is because there is a huge bandwagon loaded down with supporters and those who understand, forgive, and move on. Behind that bandwagon, moving at a snail’s pace, is a rickety cart littered with the politically correct who will be proven to be on the wrong side of the non-issue that has temporarily slowed Paula’s parade.” During this past year Paula has not been so much a famous chef as a powerful teacher. She has modeled for us all that genuine repentance, humility, patience and perseverance can win the day. It is refreshing to see that truth, justice, and grace have emerged victorious.

Brad Durham, DMD