I was sitting here thinking of a patient that came in to the office yesterday. This is a patient who first saw us a couple of months ago. She hadn’t been to the dentist in over 30 years. Her reasons were like so many others, she had a traumatic experience as a child at her dentist.

I asked her what prompted her to finally come in now after 30 years. Like so many others, it was pain that brought her in. She had broken a back tooth several weeks earlier, and it was now beginning to hurt her.

We took our time at her first consult getting to know her. You see, we believe that it is very important to build up trust not only with patients like her, but all patients.

We want to know what our patient’s goals are for their dental health. We want to know what obstacles they see will get in the way of them achieving their goals. For her, it was fear and trust.

By taking time and building trust, we were able to explain to her that she had a lot of problems. Her dental health goals were to get her teeth healthy again and keep her teeth for lifetime. She understood that in order to achieve these goals, a lot of dental work needed to be done.

We explained that due to our experience, we have set up our office to specifically handle complex dental needs. Her treatment, as complex as it was, could be completed in just a few visits. She was only 3 visits away from a new healthy and beautiful smile. She understood, but there was still her FEAR getting in the way. Once I explained to her how sedation dentistry works in our office, she was ready to start!

So, back to yesterday’s visit. She brought in the most delicious tray of desserts for our team to share and we all got big hugs from her.

It’s days like that that make my job so fun!

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