About 75 million Americans suffer
from head and neck pain, from which many have been unable to find relief. The
pain may appear as migraines, tension headaches, ear pain as well as many other
forms of head and neck pain. The bottom line is that if the pain is from the
shoulder and above, there is a good chance that it is your bite. A solution may
be available using new and revolutionary computer technology found in some
dental offices. In Savannah at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, Dr. Brad Durham
has been using this technology successfully on hundreds of patients.

You may ask yourself how head and
neck pain may stem from dental issues.

To understand this dental relationship you must first think
of the teeth, the (chewing) muscles, and the (jaw) joints.  If your teeth (bite) do not fit
together properly, your jaw will be forced into an unnatural and painful
position.  This stresses the teeth,
muscles and joints, causing the painful symptoms.

 If the symptoms are primarily tooth related, you will see
clenching, grinding, sensitivity, wear, fracture, and frequent abscesses.  If the pain comes from the muscles, you
will experience headaches, neck and shoulder soreness, and hand or arm
numbness.  If the joints are the
primary source, you may experience earaches, dizziness, joint pain, and joint
noise. Typically, a combination of symptoms will be present.

A thorough and accurate diagnosis
is made using the computerized equipment. An analysis of muscle activity, range
of jaw movement, and electronic joint sound analysis, is used to determine the
ideal bite and jaw position.

the proper bite position is determined, a thin, clear and removable mouth piece
is worn to provide relief and confirm the new bite. Many patients consider
making changes to their teeth to eliminate the need for the mouthpiece. The
options include bonding porcelain to the fronts and tops of the teeth, or
orthodontics.  Different situations
require different solutions. Treatment can frequently be completed in
about  two or three visits!

Very often, the same (incorrect)
bite that causes the pain is composed of short, worn, or malpositioned teeth.
This creates an unattractive smile. This unattractive smile and head and neck
pain are frequently related. 
Additionally, this same incorrect bite is reflected in the face, lips,
and surrounding tissues as extra wrinkles, thin (down-turned) lips, and a weak
chin. Frequently, through the use of Neuromuscular Dentistry, bite related pain
can be treated, the smile restored, and the surrounding soft tissue
rejuvenated.  You start with a
headache and finish with a new smile and a “dental facelift”.  We call this procedure a “Non-Surgical Facelift”. Never
before has dentistry had so much to offer in the aesthetic as well as the
functional arena! Today, dentistry is changing lives.

If you have head and neck pain, are
interested in a new smile, or are interested in how this new dentistry can help
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