If you are unhappy with the appearance of wrinkles, the loss of definition around your chin, and other signs of facial aging, one of the first things to try is a new haircut. Here are some styles that can help you look years younger.

Basic Bob

Bob Haircut and BotoxThe basic bob haircut is one of the most commonly recommended haircuts for looking younger. Even the Queen’s hairdresser endorses it and other styles that end around the jawline. The secret: as we age, our jawline loses definition, and the bob can really create a visual definition, especially when it’s got a nice, angular cut that is a little shorter in the back and longer in the front. As an added bonus, it helps conceal crepey skin in the neck. This can make you look dramatically younger, and is often recommended for women in their 50s and 60s.

If You’re Not Ready for a Bob

Many women don’t like the appearance of the bob–it just conflicts with their personality or notions of femininity. But you don’t need to get a strict bob to get the effects. Many will opt for a longer bob (unflatteringly called a “lob”), which can achieve many of the same effects and lets you maintain your hair if you’ve got natural curls. You can also accentuate them with a texturizer to get rejuvenating waves.

BOTOX or Bangs?

It’s becoming a commonplace saying, but it’s kind of true: BOTOX ® Cosmetic can dramatically reduce the appearance of lines in the forehead, but if you don’t want to treat them, you can hide them. And bangs are perfect for this, but make sure they’re not too heavy and they’re the right length: they should fall just between your brows and your eyelashes.

Layers = Lift

Layering is a great way to help you look younger. Layering adds volume, helping your hair to look thicker and therefore younger. Hair that hangs down draws your face down, too, but bouncy layers lifts up your face as well as your hair. Ideally, layers should frame the key features of the face, falling first around the cheekbone, and then, again, around the jawbone.

Hit the Highlights

With age, our skin can lose a little bit of its glow. Fortunately, your hair can help add a little bit of shine with highlights. Give your hair the sun-kissed look and it will help to add youthful radiance to your face, especially when paired with a loose, wavy style.

Not Getting the Results You Want?

Unfortunately, all these hairstyle tricks have their limits, and many people don’t feel like they get enough rejuvenation from altering their hair. This may be because you have a significant loss of volume in your lower face, causing a weak jawline, hanging skin in the neck, and wrinkles around the mouth.

To really improve these symptoms of age, you have to attack the cause and restore lost volume in the lower face. A nonsurgical facelift can help improve your jawline and reduce wrinkles. And if you have dentures, you’ll be amazed at the difference with FOY Dentures®: dentures that don’t have to look like dentures.

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