Have you ever had to drop out of a family activity because of your migraine headaches? If so, then you’re not alone. In fact, most people with chronic headaches and migraines report that they’re not the only ones who suffer–their headaches make them worse parents and spouses.

How Chronic Migraines Affect the Family

Research from the Montefiore Headache Center in New York City has explored the impact migraines have on a person’s ability to be a good parent or spouse. Dan Buse, director of behavioral medicine, surveyed 1000 people who suffered migraines 15 or more days a month. Partly because women are more likely to have migraines, but also partly to emphasize the parenting role, the sample was mostly women (812 women vs. 188 men). Survey questions were also directed at the spouses and children of migraineurs.

About 60% of headache sufferers said they would be better parents if they didn’t have migraines. Their role as spouse was even more affected, with 75% reporting they would be better spouses without migraines. On average, they reported having reduced quality time with spouses about 7 days a month.

Other effects they reported included feeling more angry or easily annoyed when they had their headache. Most said they had to skip activities when on vacation, and many had skipped vacations altogether.

Although this research is preliminary, presented at a conference as opposed to published in a journal after peer review, it confirms our impressions of what headaches do to people’s lives.

Be a Better Person with Fewer Migraines

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