Vintage car

Now that we’re well into the spring, you’ve probably noticed that people have their classic cars out on the street again. And there’re plenty of opportunities to get out and see collections of these cars around town, like the regular First Saturdays where you find the Dixieland Cruisers at Habersham Plaza.

Looking at these cars is about more than just admiring the style of ages gone by. You also get to admire the high level of pride and care that people take in these old cars. It takes a lot of work to keep a car beautiful and running for up to 100 years, as some of these cars have been. If you want to get that kind of longevity and appearance out of these cars, you can’t treat them badly. You have to treat them lovingly.

And the same is true of your teeth. If you treat them like a classic car, you will get decades of service and beauty out of them, but if you treat them like a jalopy, they won’t serve you well.

Are You Just Responding to Emergencies?

When people have a jalopy, they are mostly concerned about just keeping it running. When something goes wrong, they get it fixed, but otherwise they just use it and don’t worry about maintenance.

When you have a jalopy, you’re also worried about putting too much money into it. You shop around for the cheapest parts and repair. You’re not counting on keeping the car too much longer, and you don’t want to put an expensive part in something that’s going to die soon anyway.

Some people treat their teeth this way. No pain, no problem is a common assumption people make. If they can’t see, feel, or smell a problem, they don’t think there’s any need to worry about their teeth. And when something goes wrong, they start shopping around for the cheapest repair they can get.

Remarkably, some dentists think this way, too. When they look in your mouth, they’re just looking for things that need to be fixed immediately. They’re not considering what can be going on that will lead to major problems in the future. Unfortunately, ignoring these problems just makes them more likely to crop up. Our Beyond Exceptional philosophy protects you against these issues.

It Ain’t Pretty, But It Gets Me There

You’ll hear people talk this way about their jalopies. They don’t care about the appearance of the car, thinking that cosmetics are just superficial.

But beauty is more than just skin deep. If you want to get the best performance out of your car or your teeth, you have to care about the appearance, too.

For your car, a good paint job doesn’t just help the car look beautiful, it protects the car against damage. Rust is more than a cosmetic eyesore: it’s the car literally disintegrating.

And for your teeth, appearance is also closely linked to health. The bright white enamel is your teeth’s protective outer layer. If the enamel thins, your teeth not only get discolored, it is more vulnerable to serious decay, chips, and cracking. White fillings not only look better, they’re healthier for your teeth, too.

Care for Your Teeth Like a Classic

If you really want your teeth to give you a lifetime of healthy function, you need to treat them right. And you’ll enjoy the side benefits, too. You’ll have a beautiful smile. You’ll spend less time out of commission dealing with dental problems. And you’ll be healthier and happier overall.

If you’re ready to give your teeth the classic treatment in Savannah, GA, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.